Hair Oil to promote hair growth

Best Oil for hair loss and regrowth – Ayurvedic Hair Oil (Kesa Thailom Enna എണ്ണ കേരം).

Keshyam Oil a Hair Oil Kottakkal Ayurvedi Hair Care Oil

you can apply a small amount to your scalp and hairmassaging it gently into the roots.

  • Hair nourishing oil,
  • ensures healthy hair growth and
  • prevents hair fall and dandruff

Special Neelibringadhi Oil Neelibhringadi Enna

Each ingredient in Neelibhringadi hair oil has specific benefits for hair and scalp health. For example, neeli and bhringraj are believed to promote hair growth, while amla is rich in vitamin C, which can help to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage. Hibiscus is believed to stimulate hair follicles and improve scalp health, while coconut oil is a natural emollient that can help to condition and soften the hair

Best Oil for hair loss Kesa Hair Oil and Kayunyadhi Keram enna Ayurvedic Oil

Kesa Hair Oil- Nourishing hair oil that recommended for all age groups and hair types

Kayyunyadi Keram Kayunyadhi Enna -treatment of grey hair,premature grey hair,split ends,hair fall

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Coconut Oil (velichenna) -Virgin Coconut Oil

Cocnut Oil is also good for hair fall and hair health. It soothes the hair and promotes hair growth becuase of its vitamins and minerala is total health promoting and hair regrowth and hair fall.

Once in a week or twice apply coconut oil to scalp and hair gently massage and leave it for 30 minutes wash in chembarathy thali or mild shampoo.

Mastering Eyebrow Hair Care:

Use Castor Oil Eyebrow roll on for getting thick and shining eyebrow for your face

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