Kakkumkaya| Matchbox bean| Entada rheedii

Kakkumkaya (കക്കും കായ) Match Box Bean African Dream Herb Medicinal Plants.

Why kakkaum kaya beans (Entada rheedii) called african dream herbs?

Dream-Enhancing Properties: The seeds of Entada rheedii are sometimes referred to as “African dream seeds” or “African dream bean.” They contain a compound called L-betonicine, which is believed to contribute to their dream-enhancing effects. The seeds are often dried, pulverized, and consumed or smoked to induce vivid dreams and facilitate lucid dreaming.

Inducing vivid dreams: The inner meat of the seed is said to induce vivid dreams, which may be used for spiritual purposes or for dream incubation. Get this Dream Herbs in your door step Order online African Dream Herbs from kingnqueenz.com. Kakkumkaya| Matchbox bean|

Kakkumkaya| Matchbox bean|  Paranda valli plant

How to recognize this climbers? Kakkaum Kaya Match Box Bean seeds Plant Medicinal Plant

Kakkumkaya| Matchbox bean| :- This is the picture of parandavalli chedi or kakkaum kaya. This is a large woody liana or climber of the Mimosa Family (Mimosaceae).

Appearance of plants leaves flowers

Kakkum kaya online kingnqueenz

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What are the different medicinal uses of kakkaum kaya snuff box sea bean?

In Kerala this seeds use for traditional Ayurveda treatment for Karkidakkom (इतनी बड़ी फली कभी डायनासोर खाते होंगे नाग फली)

  • Treating diarrhea, dysentery, and parasitic infections: The bark of the plant is used to treat these conditions.
  • Relieving chest pain: The seeds are made into a paste with water and cumin, and the mixture is boiled and brought to half its original volume. This is used to relieve chest pain.
  • Curing pain in the stomach: The paste of the seeds is applied on the right side of the abdomen to cure pain in the stomach.
  • Curing pain in the joints: A pinch of the kernel powder is added to omelets with small onions and coconut oil. This cures pain in the joints.

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