Onathappan Thrikkakkara appan Idol

Significant element of Onam Celebrations

“Onathappan Thrikkaraappan”(തൃക്കാക്കര അപ്പൻ) is a term that is associated with the festival of Onam, which is primarily celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala. Onathappan (ഓണത്തപ്പൻ) refers to the symbolic representation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a small pyramid-shaped structure made of clay or brass. It is also known as Thrikkaraappan, which means the Lord of Thrikkara, an ancient name for the city of Kochi in Kerala.

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During the Onam festival, people place the Onathappan Thrikkakkara appan in the center of a flower-decorated area in their homes or on a specially prepared floral carpet called Pookalam. It serves as a focal point of worship and symbolizes the presence of Lord Vishnu during the festival. Devotees offer prayers, light oil lamps, and perform rituals in front of the Onathappan Thrikkaraappan as a way of seeking blessings and invoking prosperity for their households.

The Onathappan Thrikkakkara appan is considered a significant element of Onam celebrations and holds religious and cultural significance in the state of Kerala.

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